Are you interested in being part of a team to produce articles for the blog that is planned for this website?  If so, please sign up to MentaNet and join the group 'Right to Write'.

A blog for this initiative is extremely important.  While MentaNet is available for registered members only, this blog will be available to anyone online and encourage individuals to join MentaNet and provide a wide variety of informative posts related to mental health, including guest posts by leading mental health advocates and content on recovery; human rights; mental health advocacy; peer support programs; mental health organizations; employment; government  policies; conference presentations; research findings; treatments; and E-health.

For example, this blog will introduce its audience to mental health advocates from around the globe, including mental health advocates Ron Coleman (Scotland), Janet Meagher (Australia), Daniel Fisher (United States) and Peter Ashenden (United States).  As addressed below, these individuals stand up for the rights of others in our community and their own lives serve as inspiring and powerful examples of recovery, accomplishment and compassion.  

Once the writing group has been established and a few posts have been prepared a blog will be added to this website.   

Ron Coleman
Ron is a Scottish mental health trainer, author and consultant who has successfully applied knowledge and insight gained from his own person experience of severe mental illness and recovery to design training packages to assist and empower others in the world who also hear voices. Ron has used his conference presentations as a platform to publicly urged members of the mental health community to learn from past social movements, be proud of who they are, and  stand up together for social change.

Janet Meagher AM
Janet is a manager, activist, trainer and lecturer, who was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1996 for her advocacy on behalf of people with mental illness and psychiatric disability.  In her 2007 video, Janet recounts that her enduring passion in this field resulted from her experience spending a decade in an institution.  Janet addresses that people with mental illness are still mistreated in countries and suggests that such abuse occurs as a result of societal ignorance and people's attitudes. The inspirational humanist promotes the establishment of a consumer-led institute for mental health training and skills to assist workers in human services organizations. Watch Mental Health Vision #5

Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.
Building Hope in a Culture of Recovery is a thought-provoking 2008 interview with mental health advocate and psychiatrist Daniel Fisher in Washington, during which he stresses the essential role that hope plays in recovery from mental illness and why it is so importance to create a 'culture of hope' in order to combat the false sense of hopelessness in society in relation to recovery.  Dan also discusses the role that hope played in his own personal recovery from schizophrenia in his twenties. As a result of his work in the field, Dan was selected as a member of the White House Commission on Mental Health.

Peter Ashenden
Here are video highlights of Peter Ashenden's motivating and insightful keynote speech at the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network's 2007 summer conference, while he was executive director of the Mental Health Empowerment Project in the USA. Peter discusses his experience of living without hope with mental illness, his recovery and his firm belief that those who recover have a crucial role to play in helping inspire hope in other individuals who are not yet recovered.