Mentalympians is a mental health community development initiative that will successfully develop an online multimedia community channel that will inspire hope, support recovery, connect members of the mental health community and foster collective action for progressive social change. 

The content on this community channel will raise awareness of mental health recovery by featuring 'mentalympians' who demonstrate the resilience, creativity, talent, intelligence and humanity possessed by people with mental health problems; reducing self-stigma in society in the process.  Mentalympians will simultaneously raise awareness about the many different ways in which individuals recover, thus inspiring hope and enhancing self-efficacy.  Consequently, this initiative is a peer support program for the 21st century, one which applies existing technology to model recovery to the international community in a cost effective manner. 

It is envisaged that a global/local strategy will be adopted for Mentalympians that will assist individuals to engage with local support groups to reduce social isolation and raise awareness of services in their communities. At the same time, this initiative will simultaneously help to connect members of the mental health community, increasing the community's collective power and leading to effective mental health activism. 

By virtue of its community development structure and the influential nature of media generally, this initiative will contribute to positive change on individual, community and societal levels. Furthermore, Mentalympians will be transformed into a non-profit mental health media organization; one which is collectively owned and controlled by the mental health community through an international network of affiliated groups.