While I have identified possible paths to progress the development of Mentalympians that I will share, there cannot be a simple blueprint or business plan for a community development initiative similar to those which are created for starting a commercial enterprise.  As addressed by Emeritus Professor Jim Ife and Dr Frank Tesoriero in Community Development: "The imposition of specific answers, structures or processes from outside the community seldom works" (2006).  In addition, the same authors also emphasize the fact that participation equates to empowerment and that "broad participation [is] vital to a community development program." Accordingly, Mentalympians has to be developed from within the community that it is intended to serve. Moreover, its development and operation requires extensive and ongoing dialogue, collaboration and participation by community members.  While I have been very fortunate to be able to assemble an advisory group with highly talented individuals, the success of Mentalympians requires the participation and support of a large number of people.  The establishment of a social network (MentaNet) offers a logical platform for community members to connect, share information and ideas, and start to collectively plan how to progress the development of this initiative in the public interest.

In addition, it is essential for Mentalympians to effectively collaborate with established mental health groups. Not only do these organizations have existing members, they also have established structures and resources to facilitate constructive discussion and debate with interested community members.  Furthermore, Mentalympians is committed to strengthening the mental health community and increasing the active membership of existing groups is central to the success of this initiative.