About Us

As addressed in the background information provided about how Mentalympians started, this initiative is the combined result of my roles as an activist, mental health advocate and social worker.  Information respecting my experience is available on my personal website keithmahar.com.

Also included in this section are short vision and mission statements. In light of the community development nature of this initiative, these are subject to change depending upon the wishes of community members.  Hopefully this information helps to start a productive dialogue.  

Asking for help is not one of my natural strengths, but I've learned some valuable lessons through my recovery process and I am trying to improve in this important area. Accordingly, an advisory group has been assembled with individuals possessing a truly impressive range of knowledge and expertise.  As addressed in this particular website section, I am also searching for additional advisors in specific fields.  However, the success of this type of initiative is dependent upon the support and participation of a large number of individuals.  

I hope that after reviewing the information on this website you will decide to become an active member in Mentalympians.